A detailed look at SAMS interactive

The method of SAMS interactive

1. Defining

The standards of the considered management system are developed, their contents described, and the questions regarding application and effectiveness worded in cooperation with the management team. The management team is thus guided through a self-awareness process, determining which standards are and should be considered applicable in the company. At the same time, the plausibility of each individual standard, its contents, and implications are considered. This may ultimately lead to the definition of new or the abolition of previous standards.
Questions about the standards of the respective management system refer, among other things, to processes, methods, and key performance indicators. Prepared assessments are available for the management systems: quality, process, risk, and supplier management. Further assessments are created for the management systems: project management, crisis management, and compliance management. Users can access all these assessments whenever necessary.

2. Assessing

Standards are communicated to the employees. Only when there is a common understanding of each individual standard is it possible to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a system and to agree on changes. Once the contents of the standards have been discussed, the employees assess the application and effectiveness of the standards within the company. This method offers employees the opportunity to define their own perception of the chosen management systems, point out their strengths and weaknesses during application, and suggest measures for improvement.
SAMS interactive utilizes the system-immanent energy of the company to develop and realize self-initiated reorganization objectives.

3. Improving

Employees can define respective measures if, when assessing the standards, they come to the conclusion that a standard or its application requires improvement. Furthermore, the responsible member of staff and the actual date for application of the measure are determined. All the measures are recorded in a task list which serves as a subsequent control instrument during the application stage.

4. Benchmarking

The reorganization projects must ensure that each measure is applied and that the effectiveness of each applied measure is checked. SAMS interactive is used to check the application and effectiveness of the agreed measures. In addition, the self-assessment is carried out again after applying the measures. Moreover, it is possible to compare specific questions relating to particular management systems with other companies or industries. All comparisons are treated anonymously.

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