A detailed look at SAMS interactive

What is SAMS interactive?

For instance, if the aim of a company is to further develop its in-house risk management system (possibly on the basis of ONR 49000, ISO 31000 or ISO / IEC 31010, ISO / IEC 31010 or BS 25999), the specified and pre-defined SAMS interactive assessment “risk management system” only has to be adapted to the company-specific standards.

You will fully appreciate SAMS interactive if you have recently become head of a quality assurance department and wish to form your own opinions about the applicable standards and their application and effectiveness within the company. SAMS interactive also offers a pre-defined assessment for this area which can be adapted to your needs. The results profile and improvement measures can be used as the basis for further activities immediately after self-assessment application.
If the self-assessment data are utilized to provide an intra-industry comparison of the application and effectiveness of process management within a company, SAMS interactive also offers the necessary support to answer this question.
As a divisional manager responsible for global locations who is looking for clarity on whether targets can actually be achieved according to respective requirements, you will also reap the benefits of using SAMS interactive. In this particular case, the self-assessment is carried out at the individual locations, displaying possible deviations and specific potentials for reorganization immediately after assessments.
The diversity of the said examples clearly demonstrates the broad application range of SAMS interactive.

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