The key features – a brief overview

Individually created assessments

This is where you will find all the self-assessments allocated to your organizational unit. If desired, you can be provided with the four current standard assessments for quality, process, risk, and supplier management and use them as standard or customized to your requirements.

Participant management

In this section, it is possible to allocate individual self-assessments to the organizational unit being assessed and to the respective participants. You also determine whether it is a facilitated self-assessment.

Simple evaluation mechanism

Information recorded during the self-assessment sessions can be transferred into a rating system. This ensures that the application and effectiveness of each individual standard can be analyzed in detail on the basis of the questions and assessment system.

Evaluations and improvement lists

You can choose between various evaluation types and details. Besides detailed evaluations of the individual standards in bar charts, it is also possible to evaluate the results of the self-assessments as spider diagrams. Furthermore, evaluations which display comparisons between the company and an individually defined mean value over time are possible. The list of improvement measures is naturally available in an easy-to-convert format.

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